2020 was supposed to be the inaugural season for the official "8U team" for girls. Since that did not occur, 2021 will be the inaugural season for the 'team"!  

We were previously known as the Little Lions Lax program and we are headed into our fourth season. Up until now, we have only been a developmental program with no games. With a handful of girls that are raring to go, we are taking it up a notch to include a few games and becoming an "official" 8U TEAM while also always being developmental at the core. We are very excited that South Fayette is among the few programs in the area that host an 8U team for girls. 

There will be a one-time fee to play for the season of $135 – this will cover practices, field fees, game pinnies, officiating fees, etc.  PAYMENT NOT DUE UNTIL AFTER THE NEW YEAR.  If you already paid for last season and did not request a refund, your fee is covered.


  • All practices and games will be held on Saturdays and Sunday mornings starting around mid to late March and ending around the beginning of May. Occasionally, an away game may take us in the afternoon instead, but for the most part, sessions (practices and games) should be done by 11am each day. We will put out a set schedule early enough for you to plan around.   

  • To get started, there will also be a handful of weeknight evenings open to come to between now and season so the girls can work on stick skills before season even starts so the girls can meet coaches and other members of the team!

  • We anticipate 3-4 total games for the first season.

  • Practices / home games will be either at Fairview Park in Bridgeville or on the Intermediate School Field. We will also travel to a couple games to play other schools that host 8U teams.

  • This is an 8U team, which means that girls cannot be turning 9 years old BEFORE August 31, 2021. If they are, they are technically too old for the team and should be on the 10U. You can register for 10U at www.southfayettelacrosse.com.  8U is mostly 1st - 2nd graders. At times, a 3rd grader still makes the age cut-off, and if they prefer to play their first year on 8U, this is absolutely fine. 

  • The high school coach and a handful of elite high school players coach the team.

Equipment is minimal: girl’s lacrosse stick, protective eyewear, and a mouthpiece is all that is needed. Goalies, of course, wear a lot of padding and a different helmet. At this level, girls will rotate in goalie position and equipment will be provided for that.  If you don't want to purchase your own equipment, we can certainly provide it for you, although we encourage girls to have their own so they can practice.

If you need help with equipment purchase, please let us know! BE SURE YOUR PLAYER HAS A GIRL’S STICK – there is a difference between boys and girls sticks.

While practices/games are not “mandatory or else”, girls cannot learn and progress if they are not attending practices, and you will get out of it what you put into it like anything else. If players are not at practices and games, it affects all players as this is a team effort. Our team will be small, which means MUCH playing time, but the downfall is that it can affect games and practices when players are not present. We just ask that you are sure you can be at most activities.

If you have concerns about the commitment and other planned activities, feel free to reach out to me to discuss! We understand that kids are at the age where they want to try different activities, so we are more lenient in the early years.

As we all know, the weather in March in particular leaves little to be desired at times during the spring. We have had many issues with practice cancels, particularly in March. We ask that you be patient with cancels or changes as we want to try to get in what we can.

NOTE: Girls absolutely do not have to have any special background to play. They will learn the fundamentals and the basics of the game; then each game will be an additional learning experience.  



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