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Travel Lacrosse

Lacrosse is like all other sports where it offers plenty of extracurricular play for girls that want and can play more competitively on travel teams (and non-travel programs) throughout the summer and fall (in some instances, year round) for all ages.  Parents should always feel free to inquire about possibilities!  We will also always pass along information on camps/clinics available to help the players grow and increase their lacrosse knowledge.
Just like "cup soccer" and "AU Basketball", there are "travel team" lacrosse opportunities to girls who want it. Currently, we have 3 travel teams in the area.  Please browse their websites and speak with other girls on the teams for feedback!  Travel teams are for players who love to compete and want a challenge and love to play lacrosse as well as to improve on their level of play.  Non-travel teams are for those who don't want the expense of travel, but still want to elevate their level of play.


                                   Intrepid Lacrosse       Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse           True Lacrosse                                                                               


All programs offers different travel non-travel opportunities, options and practice venues, and South Fayette girls are spread out between the programs.  We love when players go outside the box to increase their lacrosse knowledge and expand their lacrosse relationships, but mostly, the experience they get by continuing play in a challenging arena absolutely elevates their level of play. In addition, the college connections made are vital to the player that wants to play after high school.


Talk with your coaches (most of them have daughters that are playing/have played), visit the program websites, or reach out to Connie Iorio at if you have more questions!

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