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High School Boosters - About Us

Our booster club is a parent-run volunteer organization (with 501(c)(3) status), designed to support our amazing student athletes beyond what is provided by the school district.  The girls high school team became fully school-sponsored in spring 2020.  Up until then, the team had been 100% supported by the school and athletic department, but fully parent-funded, meaning a hefty registration fee.  Although there is no registration fee to play now, there is a booster program. The district now provides the bulk of the funds necessary to support the program such as officials, equipment, bus fees, etc., but  the rest must come from outside funding sources which is where the boosters step in! 




The efforts of the boosters begin long before the season starts, as additional funding and/or organization is needed for off-ball events, team bonding activities, special gear and desired equipment purchases beyond what the school district provides. Booster support is shown in many ways including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to overall better enhance the team's performance.  The boosters also provide enthusiastic support of our team!  Although we cannot make membership mandatory, it only makes sense for all to be involved as all of our efforts are group oriented to benefit all members of the team so no player is left out! 


The sooner you become involved in the boosters pre-season, the more input you will have on decisions made for the team.  All parents are asked to attend booster meetings so that decisions are made together and with everyone's input.  If you do not attend meetings, you will not be able to vote on how the money is raised and/or applied.  It's also great to see the efforts of all parents rather than a small handful that do all the work for all team members.

Examples of booster parent responsibilities can include (but not limited to):

  • Determining what funds will be raised to elevate the team's performance such as off-season camp/clinics/leagues or team bonding events through input of the head coach.

  • Raising funds could also include for items that are not provided by the school (additional gear and/or equipment).

  • Volunteering with duties such as working in the press-box, taking pictures, videotaping games, concession stand, etc.

  • Planning / organizing annual booster events (senior night, youth night, end of season banquet, etc.)

Boosters will NOT:

  • Plan, organize, or attempt to implement any off-season training program without direction or consent from the head coach

  • Discuss any official business any item that does not meet the definition and function of a booster club

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