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High School Team

The high school team has been competing in the WPIAL since 2017. We currently play within the AA class, Section 2, along with Ambridge, Blackhawk, Chartiers Valley, Knoch, Mars, North Catholic, Quaker Valley, Seton LaSalle and Trinity. For 2023, Aquinas and Moon join our section.

Optional opportunities to improve the player's game are available ALL YEAR!!!! Off season is when the best preparation is done!  Some extra opportunities cost a fee, some are free, and the additional events range from clinics or local tournaments to simple conditioning in the gym.  Girls who are not participating in another sport during off-season are expected to attend pre-season optionals with the coaches. Players in other sports are encouraged to keep in contact with the coaches so they know the commitment to the team is there, but they are not expected to participate in off-season ball when they are in season with another sport. 


Athletes from other sports that want to try something different and be part of an incredible program and team environment are definitely encouraged to come out for the team! Don't rule yourself out assuming it's too late to try; it's NEVER too late to try! Girls with good hand-eye coordination and that can run will pick the fundamentals up quickly, especially if they participate in a clinic or optional off-season. Take advantage of off-season opportunities in the summer, fall and winter to get a jump on the fundamentals. For more information/questions and/or to be sure you are contacted with any pre-season opportunities available, reach out to the head coach.


Commitment is a serious promise you make and keep with yourself and others to fully dedicate yourself to your task, training, and/or team, even when, and especially when, times are tough. Further, commitment means not only promising to do something, but much more importantly, actually investing the necessary effort and actions to make it happen.  Just as other activities/sports expects your 100% cooperation, so do the lacrosse coaches from the beginning to the end of the season.  This is an official varsity sport that requires no less of your attention than other sports.  While the coaching staff will make every effort to work around the National Honor Society and the Best of the Best (if you are specifically honored at either), and the annual SF Mini-Thon, other activities are not excused and can interfere with playing time or position on the team (JV vs. varsity).  If you have questions about the upcoming season, feel free to reach out to the head coach to discuss!  

Committing to any high school sport requires an investment of time and dedication, and the coaches expect to see the players participating on off-season training when they are not participating in the season of another sport.  Strength training, speed and agility, sticks and conditioning is CRUCIAL to the development of the athlete, and players are expected to put additional training into their schedule past what they do in season. Just like a student has to study outside of school to get the best grades, players should be investing time outside of season in order to continue to advance. Besides making you stronger, faster, and fit, being in the best physical condition you can be in can make a humongous difference in the recovery from an injury should one occur. When you come in the season out of shape, you cannot perform to the best of your abilities, and you are more prone to injury.  Since the options to get in shape are free, there is no reason why, if you are committed to the game, that you are not doing what you can to improve your overall health, as well as your lacrosse skills. STAY TUNED FOR ALL OFF-SEASON OPPORTUNITIES!



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