Youth Girls Lacrosse: K - 8th Grades

Girls in K-8th grade play within the South Fayette Youth Lacrosse Association, which is a parent-funded club organization (not affiliated with the high school boosters or the school).  The philosophy of the youth lacrosse program is to learn and work on the fundamentals, gain experience, game and field knowledge, and begin to culture athletes to play competitively within a healthy environment in preparation for ultimately playing on the high school team. You do not have to already have skills to play or even know anything about the game. YOU WILL LEARN HERE NO MATTER WHAT GRADE YOU START IN!  THERE ARE NO CUTS AT THE YOUTH LEVEL FOR ANY TEAMS. Girls are placed on teams based on age, not skill level. 

Our girls’ teams are members of a youth girls league where they play against other member teams which includes schools within the WPIAL.  It is a not a school-sponsored sport at the youth level, but we schedule and play organized lacrosse games during the spring season. While score is kept, there are no playoffs/championship games.  REGISTRATION FOR THE 2021 SPRING PROGRAM WILL OPEN IN THE FALL.

Plans for the middle school to become WPIAL/school sponsored are not under consideration at this time.  This is actually a good thing, as there is more flexibility with team placement and choosing who to play that best suits the teams each season. There are fees to play like any other club sport, dance or cheerleading program etc. , so please do not let cost deter you.  Although the high school boosters do not run the youth program, the high school coaches and players often run clinics in the off-season as well as other events in an effort to bring unity to the sport from the ground up!  We will post such information here as well as general information we feel will be helpful to know for this level.


  • Practices for all youth teams are 2-3x per week beginning the first week of March - weather permitting - and games are generally every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) April - mid May with the exception of Easter and Mother's Day of course.  

  • Girls may travel to games as far as Butler and  Blackhawk, but they will also play local teams within the league.  

  • The season commences with a fun and competitive play-day in May.

While practices/games are not “mandatory or else”, girls cannot learn and progress if they are not attending practices, and you will get out of it what you put into it like anything else. If players are not at practices and games, it affects all players as this is a team effort. Our teams are small, which means MUCH playing time, but the downfall is that it can affect games and practices when players are not present.  Please be sure you can commit at least to the majority of practices and games before registering. We understand that girls are trying different activities at these ages, but also ask that lacrosse not be secondary to all other activities every week.  If you have concerns about the commitment and other planned activities, feel free to reach out to a coach or board member ahead of time to discuss.

Parental help to assist with home games and other activities/events/tasks is always welcomed and needed in order for our program to thrive. Please support your child, the team, and South Fayette lacrosse by volunteering your time if called upon. The club is as great as the parents and athletes make it! Parents of youth players who have a true interest in learning the game and want to know how to coach it are welcome to inquire. We will always need coaches and assistants at the youth level in order for us to keep growing as a club. Ask us how to get involved and trained! 

If you are interested in speaking to someone directly about our youth program, please CONTACT US and we will point you in the right direction. In the meantime, stay tuned here for upcoming youth clinics!  


  • July - August: Summer Lacrosse Clinic (all ages) and Shooting Clinic (5th-8th) (see HERE for details).

  • September - Sticks Clinic (TBD)

  • October: Two local tournaments (7th/8th grade); outside conditioning with high school coaches  (5th-8th grade)

  • November: One travel tournament (7th/8th grade - TBD)

  • November - December:  Sunday fall ball league (7th/8th grade)

  • January - Learn to Play Clinic (K-4th grade - TBD)

  • January - February: Sunday winter ball league (7th/8th grade)

  • January - February: Indoor conditioning and stick work optionals (TBD)

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